A warm welcome to my Website

This Website shall present some of my interests and projects in the field of Audio.

In general these are electronic circuits for amplifiers, filters and analog stages for digital audio devices.

In the field of loudspeakers my main interest is into electrostatic hybrid-speaker systems.


This is Calvin.

Calvin is the protagonist of Bill Watersons luscious comics.

Together with his stuffed animal tiger Hobbes he breaks every nerve of his parents and teachers and he lives through many weird and absurd adventures. If one asked my parents or teachers, I think they for sure would easily know similarities betwen Calvin and me. So choosing Calvin as nick name for internet forums seems a perfect fit.

Already as 14 year old teeny I developed an interest in HiFi and Audio-playback.  I studied electrical engineering and wrote my thesis about a modular HiFi-Stereo-Preamp. Whilst studying I had my first contact with electrostats and was instantely flashed by their truethful and authentic presentation of music.

Nearly 30 years later and I still continue beeing fascinated by them.

What started as a hobby eventually became a profession as design engineer for the label purist till the end of 2016.

Meanwhile the components had reached a outstanding high level of performance. In part they even set the standards within their device category.

The ESL are probabely the electrostats with lowest distortion figures and largest dynamic range. They certainly need not avoid any comparison with other great brand names.

The MusicServers are the most easiest in handling, at the same offering highest comfort and flexibility.

The PRE is the only Preamplifier, where the user can configure the signal path after his fashion and needs on the fly.

In 2016 a start-up CEO approached me to improve a existing prototype of a phono-stage. The audiospecials PHONOLAB was officially released on the 2017 analog audio forum exhibition (aaa in Krefeld). Shortly after it was also very positively reviewed in the Fidelity-magazine (issue #36, 2/18).

Fidelity-magazine also rewarded the PHONOLAB as "Winner 2018" in the category Analog - Phono-Preamps - Superior.

audiospecials and I are certainly proud of our little device.

Since August 2017 I´m enrolled with a german electronic parts manufacturer, who´s devices have been used for many DIY-projects. I do audio development aside on request and as a personal hobby.

So I hope You enjoy the site and some of of my ideas, circuits and devices ;-)