Spectrum Analyzer

the recent Siglent SSA3000X-series

Vector Network analyzer


Spectrum Analyzer

the newly released SVA1000X series

The quite new SSA3000X series consists of two devices which only differ by the bandwidth limit, the 9kHz-2.1GHZ spanning SSA3021X and the 9kHz-3.2GHz SSA3032X. Both come with a internal Tracking Generator and Preamplifier. You can find reviews and teardowns on the net and the general view seems that these devices offer alot for their price tag.

Very recently Siglent alo introduced the SVA1015X to the market. This is a Spectrum Analyzer ranging from 9kHz to 1.5GHz. Though appearing identical from the outside the internal build differs and it´s a cheaper build throughout. The SVA1015X offers one big advantage though and that is it´s upgrade possibility. It has built-In Vector Network Analyzer functionality that can be activated with an software key (but just above 100kHz iIrc, due to it´s internal filter parameters).

Still though a device that shows the general tendency of modern digital instrumentation beeing able to fulfill more than just one task. Rumours are spread that a higher bandwidth version (SVA3032X ?) is in the pipeline and shall be released soon.

Keysight E5061B - ENA Vector Network Analyzer
Keysight E5061B - ENA Vector Network Analyzer

The E5061B is a Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) with an bandwidth of 100kHz to max. 3GHz.

There are many upgrade options available, like LF-upgrade for 5Hz-3GHz bandwidth, impedance analysis, S-parameters, etc. etc.

Unfortunately its 20k€++  ...  made from unobtainium