Philips PM3267
Philips PM3267

My good old Philips PM3267.

A oscillsocope from the early 80s. Besides the proverbial HAMEG und a few Tektronix probabely the most common Oscilloscopes around in this part of the world. A fully discrete internal build and delivered with complete service manuals one can repair such devices even nowadays. The handle hints to it beeing declared as mobile device (extra shake and shook proofed, MTBF: 20,000h). Therefore it could be supplied by an external voltage of 24Vdc. Size, weight and not least the sensitive display tube speak against carrying it around more than necessary.

Within the 3000 series and iIrc the PM3267 was one of, if not the largest model, coming with 2 channels, 100Mhz  of bandwidth and a second delayed timebase. The latter allowed for the additional display of a zoomed-in part of the signal.

Despite its age is the dispay still clear and sharp and the scope does well.

And especially in XY-mode (Lissajous-figures or curce tracing) is a analog scope still far better than almost all digital scopes.

When I bought it used in the late 90s for only 100DM it went in flames at first powering up. A cap in the potted power supply had cracked. Fortunately I could revive it by feeding it from a exernal DC voltage from a SMPS. Since then it worked flawlessly.

Every now ad then one can find offers on ebay and surplus markets for 150€ to 300€. Too much if you ask me, but then its a very decent and reliable scope.

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