Siglent SPD3303C

Linear DC Power Supply

2x 0-32V, 0-3,2A 

1x 2,5V/3,3V/5V 3,2A

My Siglent SPD3303C

Siglent was again my prime choice regarding a power supply. The market is almost flooded by cheap and cheapest supplies of chinese origin. If You watch the teardowns on Youtube you quickly realize that these items are mostly rather only a waste of the precious resources of planet earth. Partly almost carelessly unsafe constructed, sloppingly mounted and mechanically stressed PCBs, cheapest Electrolytics with at the best humoristic or calligraphic interesting labels, cold or even missing solder joints .... the list grows long.

On the other hand is a decent supply no witchcraft that only the A-brands ar able to master. With them not all is gold also. If You study the specs of say a Keysight or Rohde&Schwarz supply You may read something like 50W Power per channel and at the same max.25V and max.10A.

Ahm, yes? You know what? If I read 25V and 10A I expect the thing to supply for up to 250W and not just meager 50W. Spec the thing 25V/2A or 5V/10A and nothing else.

Anyway, my basic requirements asked for 2 independent but combineable channels with 30V/3A, easy to adjust .. hence rather turning knobs instead of pushbuttons, and a well readable display. Programming capabilities were not on the primary list. Regarding resolution 10mV/10ma are more than sufficient. Ripple and Noise should range well below 1mV/1mA. A fast and clean response when switching On and Off is a definite must.

The SSPD3303C fulfills all the requirements in a very pleasing way. It offers two independent channels with up to 32V/3.2A that can be paralleled or connected in series. Apart from these a third channel is provided for with a capability of 3.2A and switchable between 2.5V, 3.3V or 5.0V.

It features pushbuttons and a turning knob so that you can quickly dial in on the wanted voltage and current values. The voltages can be read from excellently readable 4-Digit LED displays, the currents from 3-Digit ones. There is even a basic store and program functionality and the supply can be program-controlled over the associated software EasyWave.

The supply is fed from a hefty toroid transformer that believingly and lastingly delivers the required power. The manufacture feels decent and solid. Cables can be connected to the supply through common 4mm lab screw connectors. What´s obvious is that the mounting distance of the connectors exceeds 19mm. On one hand can the popular 19mm adapters not be used, on the other hand are my thick fingers quite happy with that added space.

In my tests the supply showed a clean and correct behaviour under all circumstances.

The stability and precision of the output voltages is very good and ahead of what I expected.

It´s a round package that cost You just 240€ ex.VAT at the time. Who wants more programming capablities and a fancy TFT display might become happy with the otherwise identical SPD3303X-E (370€ ex.VAT) or the SPD3303X (510€ ex.VAT) with finer resolution (1mV/1mA).



TeledyneLeCroy´s T3PS3000 is a rebadged the SPD3303X selling for 620€ ex.VAT.


SPD 3303C - 32V-3_2A programmable linear
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